Driving a convertible has only one limitation: the weather. Rain and wind are factors that are difficult to influence. However, Cabrio-Partner would not be your partner if we did not have a solution for the problem of wind. Nowadays, you do not need to get a stiff neck from a cold draft in your neck. With Cabrio-Partner's windbreakers you can even wear a toupee or a wig in a convertible! You can easily fit the more or less invisible windbreakers yourself. The windbreakers are designed and manufactured by Cabrio-Partner. It is for good reason that we give a lifetime guarantee (and not a day less) on these products. 
The windbreakers can be supplied from stock for convertibles with and without targa roll bars. We will make special models to measure, if required! All windbreakers from Cabrio-Partner are delivered at your home including a cover (=handy storage bag). You can order your windbreaker through this site. With the collaboration of the postal service, you can enjoy your convertible with windbreaker within 48 hours. Shipping costs are 25. Of course, you can also pick up your windbreaker in Amerongen.