• Glass rear windows must only be cleaned with water and glass cleaner. Take extreme care of the rear window heating. Ensure also that glass cleaner does not run off into the seams, stitching or sealed edges of the hood.
  • Plastic rear windows in convertible hoods should be cleaned regularly. However, plastic windows are soft and can easily be scratched. Therefore, first spray or blow all dirt, dust and sand from the surface of the window before cleaning it with water or soap and water (using soft soap). You can also use some of the good plastic cleaners that are available. Then carefully dry the window with a tissue or soft cloth. Never make circular movements and never use hard brushes or an abrasive cleaner. 
  • Although convertible hoods with glass windows can easily withstand the car wash, you should ensure that a wax layer is not sprayed over the hood! Never allow a convertible hood with a plastic window to go through the car wash!
  • It is best to wash your convertible hood by hand, using soft (low in lime) water with a mild soap (for instance soft soap). Never wash the hood in strong sunlight! Always wash all of the hood or cover and not just part of it to avoid shiny places and marks. Never use a wash-leather or cloth because these leave behind lint and fluff.
  • Try to let the convertible hood dry fully in the sunlight while you dry off the remainder of the car.
  • We discourage the use of protective agents for impregnating vinyl, and preservatives for hoods and covers. Never use the following for cleaning: hot water, solvents, degreasers, bleach, (resin) cleaners or abrasive agents.