Materials and properties



This is a synthetic material (like plastic) and is used as standard by almost every manufacturer of convertibles. It is a relatively cheap and durable material.It is good to know that there are various qualities of PVC available.Cabrio-Partner would be pleased to advise you on the best hood for your car.


Fabric is being used increasingly often by everyone.Fabric gives a more aristocratic impression, and has moreover a longer life, as the material is less susceptible to drying out. Fabric is available in various types and colours.It is important to know that the fabrics used by Cabrio-Partner are colourfast and therefore do not fade.


Sonnenland is the top-class material for convertible hoods. Manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Saab and Audi have used this material for years.Sonnenland is a registered trademark of Happich and must not be used by others. In spite of this, there are some other materials that match Sonnenland's quality.


  • relatively cheap



  • impression
  • available in many colours.



  • top quality
  • durability