• A new PVC-Vinyl hood fitted to your convertible must not be opened for a minimum of 24 hours, and a fabric hood must not be opened for a week. This is to allow the hood to adapt optimally to the frame of the hood, the connections and the pivot points of your convertible. 
  • Always release the hood at the front before unzipping the rear window. Always zip the rear window into the hood before shutting the hood completely. 
  • Do not open or close the hood or remove or replace the glass or plastic rear window if the temperature is below 5 C. Doing so can result in serious damage to the hood, the construction and/ or the window itself. 
  • Do not open the hood when it is wet; this will prevent discoloration to the hood, the top layer and hood storage area becoming damaged, and fungal growth. 
  • If your hood must be replaced, don't try and find the cheapest hood or supplier. Paying less will eventually cost you more, especially for convertible hoods. This is because labour charges make up a major part of the total price. The fitting of a hood is a specialist task, which should be left to a specialised company; after all, they have the tools, parts, knowledge and experience. Cabrio-Partner is a FOCWA-certified company with more than 20 years of experience and is a certified importer, dealer and producer of more or less every make of hood. 
  • Inspect your hood regularly (seals, frame rubbers, straps, cables and rain gutters) when both open and closed. A fast response can prevent additional damage to the hood, the insulation, the frame or the rear window. If there is rust on the hood frame, this should be removed after which a new coating must be applied. 
  • The closed position is the best for the hood. When closed the hood creases the least and remains in shape.